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Our League Events

Youth League

Each year, for the last several years, the Aberdeen Gun Club has sponsored a youth trap shooting league. The league promotes hunter safety and educates our youth in the proper use, safe handling, care and marksmanship of firearms. In 2004, the league started with 15 teams and in 2011 the league had 27 teams.  We do not wish to turn any youth away from this program if they have a desire to shoot in the youth league.


The teams are divided into 5 divisions.  "Rookies" (4th and 5th grade), "Jr. Varsity Intermediate" and "Varsity Intermediate" (6th - 8th grade) and "Jr. Varsity Seniors" and "Varsity Seniors" (9th - 12th grade).  The best team from each division wins the opportunity to compete at the South Dakota State Shoot in July.  The Youth League pays for all shooting fees and ammo for the 5 teams competing at the state shoot.


An awards picnic for the youth shooters and their parents is held at the end of the 10 weeks.  Trophies are awarded to each division as well as individual awards.


Tuesday Night League
The Tuesday Night League is an adult league consisting of about 20 teams.  This league is patterned after the original shooting program shot in Aberdeen for the last 40 years. Each team competes against one other team each week during the season until they have met each team in the league.  League Fees are $17 per week (not including shells).  25 16-yard targets and 25 handicap targets are shot each week.  Each shooter on a team shoots 'head-to-head" with one other shooter on the opposing team.  One point is awarded to the team from each winning individual score and two points are awarded for winning the team total (ties divide the point, 7 points are awarded each week).


An awards banquet is held at the end of the season.  Trophies are awarded to each Class in the league as well as individual awards.


The league will start in April.


Doubles League
The Doubles League is an individual league consisting of 25 pair of doubles targets each week.  It is shot over a 10 week period.  Each shooter can shoot as many times as he wishes each week, but can only count 25 pair of targets each week towards his league targets.  The doubles are shot at any time there is an open trap during the week.

Skeet League

The Skeet League is an individuals league consisting of 50 targets each week. It is shot over a 10-week period. Each shooter can shoot as many times as he wishes each week to either make-up or to shoot forward. The skeet league is shot on Thursday evenings starting mid-June.

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